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San Dimas High School 2019-2020 Sequential Discipline Policy
Respect * Responsibility * Ready to Learn
Tardiness (period 1 - per quarter - Office Managed)  
Tardy 1-3    Office Warning - parent contact by email 
Tardy 4-5    30 Minute Detention
Tardy 6    Referral to Counselor
Tardy 8-9    1 Hour Detention and “N” in citizenship, lunch
                         pass confiscated
Tardy 10    Referral to Admin, Friday Academy (4 hrs.) 
Tardy 12    Attendance Contract, Friday Academy (4 hrs)
                        “U”  in citizenship

Tardiness (periods 2-4 and 6-7, per quarter - Teacher Managed) 
Tardy 1-2    Teacher Warning & teacher issued
Tardy 3    Teacher Warning & Consequence,
                        parent contact 
Tardy 4    Referral and 1 hour detention
Tardy 5-6    2 Hour detention and “N” in
                        citizenship, lunch pass confiscated
Tardy 7    Friday Academy (4 hrs.) and “U”
                        in citizenship 
Tardiness (5th period, per quarter)  
Tardy 1    Teacher Warning   
Tardy 2    Teacher Warning & “N” in citizenship 
Tardy 3    “U” in citizenship
Tardy 4     Referral to Admin
Truancy (per year) 
Truancy 1-2    1 hour Detention, lunch pass suspension 
Truancy 3  (1st full day) “NO DANCE LIST,” Friday
                                 Academy, “N”, lunch pass confiscated 
Truancy 4  (2nd full day) Friday Academy “U” 
Truancy 5  (3rd full day) Friday Academy (4 hrs.) “U”
                                 - possible citation 

Dress Code 
First offense:    Warning, change clothes 
Second offense:  Detention (30 min), change clothes,
                                phone call 
Third offense:    Detention (1 hr.), phone call and change
Fourth offense:   Friday Academy (4 hrs.) 

Referrals Consequences for referrals are based on the infraction, and the frequency of the behavior, in accordance with the Bonita Unified School District Code of Discipline.  

Updated 6/2019
Dress Code 

Bonita Unified School District and San Dimas High School have adopted a dress code that allows for personal style without causing disruption or intimidation. As you dress for school each day, please adhere to the following guidelines:
 The Following are prohibited: 
o Clothing/hats that depict violence, weapons, sexual suggestions, alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
o Clothing that is excessively revealing 
 Examples: 
 off-the-shoulder tops
 Low cut tank tops, tank tops open on the sides
 tube tops, shirts with open backs, backless shirts, and bare midriffs
 short shorts, short skirts - clothing should cover buttocks at all times
 sagging pants/shorts - underwear or shorts worn under the pants should not show at any time
 Ripped clothing that would violate any of the aforementioned bullet points
o Belts, wristbands, or other jewelry with protruding metal, chains 
o Steel toed shoes or boots, slippers that are designed to be only worn inside (no fuzzy or cloth soles) o Blankets, pajamas, robes, flannel pants or tops that are designed as sleepwear
 Consequences for Violation of School Dress Code:
o First offense:  Warning, change clothes
o Second offense: Detention (30 minutes), change clothes, phone call 
o Third offense: Detention (1 hr), phone call  and  change clothes
o Fourth offense: Friday Academy  (4 hrs)
Final interpretation of the school dress code is at the discretion of the school administration