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Student Services

San Dimas High School has high expectations in regards to the behavior of students. Students are expected to arrive to classes on time, stay attentive, be on task during class instruction, and work diligently towards graduation. Whether in attendance during regular instruction, traveling off campus with sports teams or field trips, or attending after school activities, SDHS students are always expected to be respectful of fellow students and to follow the directions of teachers and staff members.
In instances where misbehavior occurs, San Dimas will apply a sequential discipline policy with the goal of changing behavior and encouraging students to make better choices in the future. Each teacher publishes classroom behavior guidelines in their individual classes. School wide rules of conduct are listed in the PBIS behavior matrix.
PBIS (Positive Behavior Support): PBIS aides teachers and administrators in teaching, modeling, and reinforcing PBIS in the classroom, hallway, Quad/Common Areas, Office, restroom, during assemblies, etc. The purpose of a PBIS behavior matrix is to identify and display positive behaviors that meet behavioral expectations across all school contexts and settings. PBIS exists under the umbrella of Multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) and operates on a continuum of school-wide instructional and positive behavior support. 
PBIS Behavior Matrix
Download the PBIS Matrix here for details.
Sequential discipline consequences are issued when a student violates the code of conduct. Those consequences may include teacher-student conferences, parent contact, teacher detentions, a disciplinary referral, campus or community service, Friday Academy, suspension from class, out of school suspension, a referral to the student study team (SST) for review of the educational program placement, an administrative hearing to consider involuntary transfers and/or expulsion.