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Club Name Club's Purpose Club President Email Address
Airsoft Club To help students to learn key teamwork skills while enjoying the sport of airsoft. This is also meant to help members learn sportsmanship and to create a friendly community. Wyatt Ross
Anime Club To watch school appropriate anime and have fun. Samantha Cook
Arm Wrestling Club To arm wrestle and help with physical strength James Abogado
Art Club I was pretty surprised when I saw that there was no art club. With it being an incredibly simple idea for a club that requires almost no upkeep that inspires creativity and gets artists together, I thought I might as well make it a thing. It's an art club, what else do you want me to say? Haydn Ziepke
AVID To promote AVID at San Dimas High School
Support AVID students at San Dimas High School
Serve the Community of San Dimas High School
Raise money for the AVID program at San Dimas High School
Audrey Gomez
Best Buddies The purpose of this club is to include the Special Ed students by spending quality time doing fun activities, arts and crafts, games, holiday parties, and so much more! Hope Lorenzana
Better Read Than Dead The purpose of the club is to introduce different genres of books/comic-books. This gives people the chance to learn about different reading styles. Also to find other subjects that are out of your comfort zone. Malachi Richards
BSU(Black Student Union) To inform students about the injustices faced by black Americans because of built in prejudices. It also brings a community of black students that may want to speak with other black students as this school is not predominantly black. It’s a place of free speech, learning, and friendship! Aster Walker
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Provide a volunteer opportunity within the school and contribute hours for end of high school SDCP. Ayanna Garcia
Chess and Checkers Club To play and teach how to play chess and checkers Himal Malik
Computer Science Club To learn how to and to do programming. Alec Joseph
Crafts Club The purpose of craft club is to relax and craft. School can be stressful sometimes and this is a great club that everyone can participate in. This arts and crafts club will bring out the creative side of students. Mariah Holliday
Crochet Club To have fun and bring people together to crochet Cora Averweg
Culinary Club Our main purpose as a club is to help provide food for school and district events. We achieve this through cooking with our members during class, lunch and after school hours. Through this process we are able to provide fresh and delicious food to each event we attend. Monica Pastor
Dance club To dance and watch how much technique and emotion people put in dance Amerie Cardenas
Drama Club To inform people about theatre and play games while informing them of whats hapoening in drama class. TBA
E7 Gaming This club's purpose is to let gamers of old videogames and new ones come together and talk & discuss videogames, share things about gaming setup specs, and most importantly, game! Sagan Carter (
Entrepreneur Club To inspire and inform others a path of entrepreneurship. Having conversations of strategies towards financial freedom. While also talking about self improvement. Ernest Dela Cruz
Environmental Awareness Club EAC is a club focused on learning, informing, and acting on environmental issues. Like climate change, pollution, deforestation and more. We want to learn all that we can so that we can share that information with our school and more Noa Berry
Faith and Purpose Club The purpose of the "Faith and Purpose Club" is to build unity among peers through Bible study and scripture. This club is an all accepting club and believers and non-believers are more than welcome to come. It is a nondenominational Christian community group where we will have open discussions and share our own personal testimonies and experiences with God. Karen Bourklian
Future in Medicine Our clubs purpose is to actively engage and discuss interest in the field in medicine whether it is getting your M.D, D.O, etc… We will be focusing on guest speakers and eventually fields trips with many opportunities of hospital volunteering and internships! Jaiden Miranda
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) to create a safe space and open the floor for conversations surrounding the ally-ship between people within hand outside of the LGBTQ+ community Steve Moreno
GOST Squad The purpose of the GOST Squad is to help students on campus in their learning journey through peer-tutoring. Along the way, we hope to de-stigmatize the idea of tutoring and teach students that it's okay to ask for help! Club members will serve as tutors that will help their peers during 5th periods when needed. Milana Mattson
Gov Club To bring together students to talk about politics. TBA
Helping Hearts Help people in need in any way possible, whether it be donation drives, or just volunteer work. Also show appreciation for people by making appreciation cards for nursing homes or hospitals, teachers. (i’m submitting another form in case we have issues with the Illumination Foundation and are unable to make an IF club) Emily Melkonyan
Illumination Foundation We volunteer to help the homeless, make appreciation cards for nursing homes and hospitals, and also provide community service hours for participating in the events hosted, and were able to do that because we work directly with the organization. Emily Melkonyan
karaoke club Having fun in a judgment-free space and singinv our hearts out TBA
Key Club Key Club is a student-led, high school organization. Our members make the world a better place through service. Key Club members around the world are learning how to lead and stand for what’s right through service and volunteerism. In partnership with their local Kiwanis club, high school students are making a positive impact as they serve others in their schools and communities. Emily Moore
Latino Culture Club The club's purpose is to give the students of San Dimas a chance to be apart of a group to learn more about the Latino culture. The club will be available to whoever wants to participate, everyone is welcome. Ceani Rodriguez and Mariah Holliday (A vote in the club will decide)
Literature Club For members to read and discuss new books, as well as bonding and having fun. Ella Brown
Mathletes Club Math competitions and exploration Himal Malik
Mental Health Club To nurture and cultivate a school campus that prioritizes student mental health, fights stigma, increases education and awareness around mental health, and fosters connectedness between students around vulnerable and important issues related to mental health and wellness. Evelyn Kao
Model building club A club for people with an interest in the hobby of model building Demitri Romanowski
Movie Club the clubs purpose would be to bring people together and watch all kinds of movies. We will also talk about the certain points of the movie like the plot,setting,and climax. Another thing for this movie would be that we can learn all kinds of lessons from different movies. Tiffany fuglistahler
Movie Club The purpose of this club is to watch a movie every 2 weeks according to the genre of the week, and then come together and talk about it while having a potluck as a way of connecting with one another through movies and our favorite foods! Sadie Baca
Music Club To bring together people who love music Lauren Castillo
National Honor Society To do volunteer work around the community. Liam Luevand
National Honors Society Volunteer work around community and celebrating our scholars. Liam Luevand
Overwatch Club To play competitively against other schools Isabella Dimas
paw pals club Help animal shelters, learn about how to help animals, and community service Farad Dar-Khan
Photography Club Taking pictures and exploring inner creativity Halaina Ramirez
Rotary Interact Rotary International’s purpose is for leaders to provide humanitarian services and to advance goodwill on a global scale. Natalia Lopez Natalia Lopez
Saints App Productions Team Maintain the school's app, people who parcipate will get experience in app development using programming, learning how to design UI, and managing servers etc. It will get more people interested in a career in STEM and provide people with tangible experience in app development, a skill that is very valueble in this mobile phone centered economy. Diego Zazueta
Science Olympiad To expand a students knowledge in many different sections and subsections of science through a county to national level science competition. Angela Dimailig Natalia Lopez
Sdhs people The club's purpose would be to humanize the campus of SDHS by asking/interviewing students and teachers on questions pertaining to the school or its culture or current events (and sports events) and or making our own small scale events for the purpose to make content for the daily announcements or students to consume on their own accord, on a SHDS people YouTube and Tik-Tok Andrew Ayala
SDHS Social Activism Club We are an organization designed to educate and create a forum for students to speak out about social issues in our school and around the world. We provide community service opportunities to better our campus and community in the realm of diversity and inclusivity. Isabella Trejos
Spanish National Honors Society Our purpose is to increase awareness of Spanish culture. Also, to encourage students to pursue a higher knowledge of Spanish language and culture whilst improving oral communication skills. Lastly, to properly represent the diversity within the Hispanic and Latinx community. Sarah Barraza
Sports Medicine Club Learning skills within the sports medicine field while assisting the SDHS Athletic Trainer in providing care to the SDHS athletes. It is a National Honors Society of Sports Medicine Chapter ( Riley Rodriguez
STEM Club A branch of the SciOly club Angela Dimailing Natalia Lopez
Tiktok Club to make tiktok’s and have fun together 🫶🏼 Serene Daoud