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Attendance Matters

Welcome to the Attendance Office!

SDHS/BUSD Attendance 

This applies to:
  • All students during full distance instruction
  • A student marked partial participation (teacher marked a "Q") is considered present and can remain as a "Q" in the attendance record
  • Types of absences
    • E Excused (verified by parent/guardian)
    • G Tech Issue (verified technical/connectivity issue). 
    • U Unexcused (verified by parent/guardian, reason not allowed per Ed Code)
    • M Medical (verified with doctor note)
    • Z Truant (parent/guardian verifies student missed live session without valid reason - student chose to miss)
    • S Suspension 
    • A Unverified (no communication from parent)
    • Q Partial Participation (if indicated by the teacher)
    • V School Business (used if student misses an entire session for a meeting with a counselor, service provider or other school-based meeting other than the synchronous session)

  • Attendance is marked daily in Aeries by each teacher based on each student's presence in the synchronous (live) session for each period. 
  • If a student is not present at all for the entire session, the student will be marked as absent ("A")
  • If a student is present, but only for a portion of the session, the student will be marked as partial participation ("Q")

Disciplinary Measures for Attendance Q's - Partial Participation in Attendance

San Dimas High School understands the importance of attendance as a means to support classroom instruction and the education for all students.  Below is the disciplinary actions that will be taken with regards to Q's in attendance:
  • 1-3 Partial Participation/Absences =   Call home by attendance

  • 4 Partial Participation/Absences =      Referral to Counseling
  • 5 Partial Participation/Absences =      Referral to Administration/Home Visit
  • 6 Partial Participation/Absences =      Detention Assigned/“N” in Citizenship and a letter warning sent home
  • 8 Partial Participation/Absences =      Detention Assigned/“U” in Citizenship
  • 9 Partial Participation/Absences =      2nd Letter of Warning Sent

  • 12 Partial Participation/Absences =    3rd Letter Sent and School Attendance Review Team (SART) scheduled and Attendance Contract Assigned for possible transfer from San Dimas High School for students on a transfer permit.​​

Administrators Alpha Distribution
Students with last names beginning with
Administrator Email
Mr. Nance
Mrs. Kear
Mrs. Henriquez-Pulido
  • A parent/guardian for the student is expected to notify the school each time a student is absent from the synchronous session for the day
  • This would be done primarily via email or phone to our ATTENDANCE ofiice
  • Parent or Guardian will be contacted by SDHS office per normal procedures for unverified absences
Reporting Absences
To report an absence, please choose from the following: 
1. You may call (909) 971-8230 Ext 3040 to speak to the Attendance Clerk or leave a voicemail. If leaving a voicemail, please provide:
student's first and last name
student's grade
date of the absence
Reason for absence
2. Email the attendance office - and provide the information above.
It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all absences are cleared within 3 days of the occurrence. If an absence is not cleared within 3 days, Friday Academy may be assigned to the student. Parents may clear an absence after the 3 day deadline; however any resulting disciplinary consequences will remain. If a student is absent for medical reasons, please provide a medical note to clear the absence. 
Excused Absences: An excused absence is recorded when it is verified by a parent or guardian due to illness, death in the immediate family, medical appointment, court appearance, or attendance at a religious event. Prolonged, illness related absences may require verification from a physician showing the student was under medical care. Court appearances may also require verification from the court. Make-up work for these absences is required. If a student is absent for medical reasons, please provide a medical note to clear the absence. 
Planned Absences: Student absences due to family business, travel, or other reasons not listed as ‘excused’ will be marked as unexcused. To avoid this, students and parents are requested to notify the school and teachers a minimum of 10 days prior to the absence. If approved ahead of time, a Short Term Independent Study contract will be issued. 
Tardies: Students are expected to be in their classroom, prepared to learn, before the bell rings. Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment and will not be tolerated. Teachers will accurately record tardies and consequences will be assigned according to the progressive discipline policy. 
No phone calls or notes will be accepted to clear tardies. Excessive tardies will result in a referral to Administration and appropriate disciplinary action.  
Truancy: Truancy is defined as being absent from school without parent/guardian’s permission.  
A student missing from a single period more than 30 minutes is also required by law to be considered truant. State law defines habitual truancy as missing 3 or more single periods of school without a valid, verified excuse.  
Truancies will be handled according to the progressive discipline policy (E.C. 48260.5). Teachers are not responsible for providing make-up work for students who were truant from their class. Out of bounds includes, but not limited to, the following: parking lots, athletic fields/courts, or any other authorized or isolated area.  
SART CONTRACT: A SART contract may be issued when a student has accumulated 15 full day absences within a short period of time (i.e. 1 quarter) or has numerous period truancy's (3 or more). A parent meeting will be held and the SART contract will be implemented requiring medical notes to clear all absences.  
CITATIONS DUE TO ATTENDANCE CONCERNS:  After a SART contract has been implemented and the student’s attendance has not improved the counselor or administrator will contact the school resource officer and request him to review the student’s attendance and possibly issue a citation to the student and/or parent. In some attendance situations a citation may be issued to a student without a SART contract.  
SARB CONTRACT/HEARING: After a SART contract has been implemented, student attendance will be reviewed every 30 days for the duration of the SART contract. If attendance has not improved, A SARB hearing request will be sent to the district office by school administration. 
Short Term Independent Study: Students who must miss five or more consecutive days of school due to vacations, personal business, etc. may be placed on a Short Term Independent Study Program. Parents must notify their student’s counselor at least 10 school days prior to the first day of absence by written note or phone call. State law prohibits SDHS from offering Short Term Independent Study after the fact. Students and Parents will be given an Independent Study Agreement Form and assignment sheets. All work must be completed and returned to the Office upon the student’s return to school. 
Students are responsible for and accountable for work assigned through the short term independent study contract. If work is not turned in, failing grades on the assignments may result and attendance is recorded as an unexcused absence from school. 
HOME HOSPITAL INSTRUCTION:  A student with a temporary disability which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable shall receive individual instruction in the student's home or in a hospital or other residential health facility. This instruction applies to students incurring a temporary physical, mental or emotional disability after which they can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative education program without special intervention. Please see your student’s counselor for more information.  
Checking Attendance: Students and parents can check their student’s attendance record (along with grades, discipline and transcript) on Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) Portal. If you need assistance with the parent portal, contact Student Services. The site is accessible from It is the student’s responsibility to check their attendance in ABI; students with perfect attendance will be posted once per quarter and any discrepancy must be cleared the same week as the posting.