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Welcome Back

Welcome Back!
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This is what you want to do -  Get here early!

There is less traffic at 7:15 a.m.  than at 7:25 a.m.. You are encouraged to arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 7:15 a.m.. We have 5 instructions for dropping off - 

  • Drop off by front steps. Follow Saints Court off of Covina Blvd around the back of the Performing Arts Center. Then follow traffic flow back to Saints Court (click on the image of the map for a PDF you can print from home if you have a printer)

    pick up -drop off instructions
  • Drop off on Covina Blvd on the school side of the street. Watch out and don’t block any driveways. Stay away from Red curbs. Sheriffs are watching

  • Drop off on Cypress Avenue south of the school and softball fields. Watch out for residence driveways. Again San Dimas sheriff's are watching. 

  • Please do not drop off in the student parking lot. These are the spaces under the solar panels. This will save your car from newly licensed drivers and help with traffic as these new drivers attempt to park. 

  • Please do not drop off in the staff parking lot North of the school off of Covina Blvd. This will help our teachers to get to class without issues. 

ALL STUDENTS! DONT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CHROMEBOOKS CHARGED AND READY! We will have very limited supply of loaners and replacement Chromebooks if yours is not working.
Available in the front office while supplies last.
Juniors and Seniors who are driving and have purchased a parking pass must not park in the spots with a painted image. Those are reserved spots for seniors who purchased that specific parking spot. 

Now that we are back in full swing, you will want to check your Aeries accounts. Students can access ttheir account here

Counselors will be busy with new students. Counselors will only see students for schedule emergencies like a missing period, double periods, or a class you have already completed. They will have a table out during break and lunch to assist with schedule issues. Please do not leave class for scheduling issues. 
If you need to make any changes, FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM HERE. (You must be logged into Google with your school email account or you will not be able to access this form. This schedule request will go directly to your counselor. 
    **note - the following classes are full and you cannot be added**
        - Art
        - Advanced Art
        - Culinary Arts
        - Photo
        - Personal Finance
If you missed taking your picture during Registration, Make-up Picture day is September 23rd. This is your last chance to retake your picture and be in the yearbook. (grades 9-11)
Purchase any items you need from the Finance Office. Get your ASB card, PE clothes and pay for your NEON Foam Dance tickets, SAT and PSAT tests and lot of other swag items! You can by cash check or credit card (a fee will apply for credit card purchases) You can also pay online HERE

Lunch passes will not be issued until Wednesday, so please make sure that your student either brings their lunch, or is prepared to purchase their lunch on Monday and Tuesday. 

Remember  that students arriving late to school with outside food like Starbucks, Chick-Fil-a, McDonalds, etc. will have the items collected and saved for them to pick up at break. Be on time!

This is going to be a great year Saints. Remember Smudge Pot is on Saturday, September 11th at 7 pm. Let’s get that  Smudge Pot back! Go Saints!