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Wrestling (Girls)

Name:   Jesse Jaime Sr.

Year Began Coaching at SD:

Name of High School and Year Graduated:
  Mark Keppel High School, 1995

Did you compete in athletics? What sport?
  Yes, 3 year varsity Football, 4 year varsity Wrestling, Baseball.

Favorite Quote: 
 "If you believe in yourself, all things are possible." - Unknown

Information you want others to know about SDHS Girls' Wrestling:
  Wrestling is the fastest growing sport for women in both High School and College. I highly encourage all to at least try. How do you know you dont like wrestling if you have never tried it?

Contact email or cell number:


Assistant Coach:  Denice Vargas

Year Began Coaching at SD:  2017 

Name of High School and Year Graduated:    Pomona High School Class of 2016

Name of College & Degree (obtained or obtaining):    Mt. Sac - Associates in Art (in process)

Did you compete in High School/college athletics? What sport?  Yes, Pomona Varsity Girls Wrestling

Favorite Quote:    “Active patience is taking the time to set something up correctly.” - Ronda Rousey

Information you want others to know about SDHS Girls’ wrestling:  Our girls work extremely hard to make it far, so far, we’ve had girls qualify for State every year. They push each other and are there for each other.

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