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SDHS AVID 2024San Dimas High School
Class of 2024 and 2025!

If you are in AVID, you have been hand-selected to join this special program new to San Dimas High School. The AVID program has proven results in helping students succeed in high school and admittance into college. 
The AVID Elective class is designed to prepare students to qualify and apply to four-year universities/colleges. Students enrolled in this program are assigned an elective teacher and remain with this teacher every year until graduation. In addition, students are required to make oral presentations to the class on topics related to career searches, college entrance, contemporary issues, and social concerns.
  • Skill Development: focused note-taking, organization, time management, test-taking/studying strategies, collaboration, social skills, reading and writing strategies. (Example: Cornell note checks, planner checks, binder checks)
  • College Prep Classes/Activities: Field trips, A-G classes, AP/Honors classes, guest speakers, research projects, SAT prep, financial aid workshops, scholarship applications, college applications
  • Tutoring/Studying: college students and peer tutors work with AVID students to go over difficult academic material and study for tests
  • Classroom Community: community building where you will build strong relationships and learn to trust, help, and support each other
  QUESTIONS? Contact Mrs. Ruiz  via email: