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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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As we move closer to opening school for in-person learning or distant learning we wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions.

Q. Do kids have to bring their Chromebooks/laptops to class?
A. Yes, students should bring a Chromebook/laptop every day.

Q. Can they bring their own Chromebooks/laptops?
A. Yes, they can sign on to the Wifi using their BUSD account.

Q. What happens if a student forgets their Chromebook/laptop?
A. Parents/Guardians will have to bring it to the school. We don't have extras to use and it can be a safety issue.

Q. Can my student change their group?
A. No, all groups were made back in August to help balance the master schedule.

Q. Can students change their minds after picking Hybrid learning or distant learning?
A. Yes, however, it might take a couple of weeks to make the changes to go from due to safety concerns and to allow teachers time to prepare materials.

Q. My kid was exposed to COVID-19 and is on hybrid, can I send them to school?
A. No, if they have been exposed to COVID-19, students may participate via distance learning until the quarantine is done.

Q. Will students get lunch at school?
A. Yes, all lunches are grab and go. Students are not allowed to eat lunch at school. All students will be required to leave the campus at 12:35 pm.

Q. Can my student-athlete stay at school for practice?
A. No, all students will be required to leave the campus at 12:35 pm. Differentiated instruction will start at 1:30 pm for all students.

Q. Can my student ride the bus?
A. There will be no bus service unless the student has bus service recorded on their individual educational plan.

Q. Do students have to go to Differentiated Instruction?
A. Students are required to attend Differentiated Instruction upon the teachers' request. Differentiated Instruction is a time that students can use to get tutoring as well.

Q. Do all students have to wear a mask on campus?
A. Yes, all students have to wear a mask on campus.

Q. Do students have to change for PE?
A. No, the locker rooms will not be available for students to change for PE or sports.

Q. Will there be food available during breaks?
A. No, students are encouraged to bring their own food if needed during breaks. Students should not share food or materials.

Q. Can my student come all four days to school?
A. No, students can only attend hybrid days during their group designated days. Group A- Monday/Tuesday and Group B- Thursday/Friday.

Q. Will there be enough handwashing stations at school?
A. The school has rented four handwashing stations placed around the school.

Q. What is the earliest I can drop off my student?
A. We ask that students are dropped off no earlier than 7:40 am. Classroom doors will open at 7:50 am. School will start at 8:00 am.

We hope that most of your questions were answered above and are eager to ensure your questions are answered. To make sure we have addressed all of your questions and concerns, we will host a Zoom Meeting on 4/7 at 6 pm for freshmen and their parents, 4/7 at 7 pm for sophomores and their parents, 4/8 at 6 pm for juniors and their parents, and 4/8 at 7 pm for seniors and their parents. A Zoom Link will be sent to all parents and students on 4/5.

I have attached our Bell Schedule to this message for your reference. Please note: our schedule on April 5 - 9 is different than our schedule on April 12 and on.

Have a great Spring Break!
Mr. Sparks