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The San Dimas Connection Project (SDCP) is a portfolio-based project that will provide students with opportunities to examine their skills and abilities as well as articulate their plans for the future as it relates to the ESLRs. The Bonita Unified School District (BUSD) Board of Education determines the culminating project as a mandatory noncredit graduation requirement. Thus, students must complete and pass the SDCP, including the Senior Presentation, to be eligible for a BUSD diploma. Students with IEP or 504 plans must complete all of the same tasks, in accordance with the determined individualized learning goals and requirements. Students will receive a PASS (P) grade for proficient and adequate performance or a FAIL (F) grade. Students who fail the Senior Presentation in May will have an opportunity to re-present at a later “Safety Net” presentation. Students who fail the “Safety Net” presentation will have one opportunity to re-present in the summer. Students who fail the summer opportunity will be ineligible for a BUSD diploma. Pertinent information, forms, “Best Work” and Community Service Hours uploading link, and community service opportunities can be accessed on the Website.


  • Personal Story
  • Best Work
  • Community Service Hours
  • High School and Beyond Plan
  • Senior Presentation

Contact Personnel

  • Jordan Murray, Coordinator 909.971.8230 x1553
  • Jack Nance, Administrator, 909.971.8230 x3030