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2016-17 San Dimas High School SB 1349 Report
San Dimas High School is proud of its rich athletic history. Today, SDHS offers sports teams for boys and girls in 13 different sports. Interscholastic, CIF competitions are held throughout the year; SDHS is a member of the Valle Vista League. Listed below are the sports and the seasons in which the teams compete. Over 700 students participate in sports each year.
Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country Basketball Baseball
Football Soccer Golf (Boys)
Tennis (Girls) Water Polo (Girls) Softball
Water Polo (Boys) Wrestling Swimming
Volleyball Track and Field
Tennis (Boys)

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Boys Girls
The total enrollment of the school, classified by gender 732 640
The number of students enrolled at the school who participate in competitive athletics, classified by gender 313 247
The number of boys' and girls' teams, classified by sport and by competition level:
Boys Girls
Baseball 49 (V,JV,F)
Basketball 56 (V,JV,F) 27 (V,JV)
Cross Country 25 (V,JV) 25 (V,JV)
Football – 11 player 130 (V,JV,F)
Golf 10 (V,JV)  
Soccer 53 (V,JV) 44 (V,JV,)
Softball 32 (V,JV)
Swimming & Diving 39 (V,JV,) 66 (V,JV)
Tennis 18 (V,JV) 29 (V,JV)
Track & Field 53 (V,JV) 48 (V,JV)
Volleyball 45 (V,JV,F )
Water Polo 35 (V,JV) 34 (V,JV)
Wrestling 32 (V,JV) 13 (V)