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SDHS Student Tech Team

We are pleased to announce that the SDHS Student Tech Team has completed their initial training and are ready to serve the campus in troubleshooting and repairing technology issues. All students have been trained in general troubleshooting for PC, Mac, and Chromebooks and know how to repair Chromebook settings issues. These students can look at and troubleshoot all tech issues on campus but are limited in terms of what they can do. After troubleshooting and it is determined that it is a CIS issue, we can initiate that process for you if you would like.

If you feel comfortable, these students can also troubleshoot your personal PC, Mac, and laptop issues. They may even be able to help with smartphones.

If you have any computer issues you would like these kids to troubleshoot, please contact Leslie Leaming or call me at 3605 (MC5) or 3091 (Media Center) for now and your issue will be assigned to a SDHS Student Tech Team member. You can also choose a tech team member you would like to work on your issue. I will have a Google Form to fill out at a later time.